You love the vibe of the city and yearn for peace in nature? You don’t let yourself be limited by borders, but rather aim towards destinations? The mountains let you take flight, within the forest you find serenity, but the ocean is your origin? Restless, you fight the ocean until you surf the wave …


But still every year, uncountable tons of plastic continue to pollute our oceans. How is it possible that even us surfers are responsible for a part of this destruction? Surfboards, fins and a vast majority of surf related products are predominantly composed of plastic, synthetics and non-renewable resources.

Here is where we want to change things. VACAV’s goal is to make surfing more sustainable step by step. The first step is the fin. As of now, surfboard fins are made up of simple synthetics, fiberglass or carbon fibres. So why shouldn’t we go back to the roots of mother nature? Upon first glance, there is only one logical and natural alternative: wood


Through an innovative and patented process, we have succeeded to introduce the first fin, consisting almost solely of wood, to the market. VACAV fins* are not only a sustainable, but also a lightweight alternative to comparable conventional plastic fins, without suffering any losses in strength.


We are aware of the fact, that a wooden fin cannot eliminate pollution or clean up the sea, but it is important to take a first step in the right direction.


Our dream is a cleaner planet... let´s get started.


*VACAV® fins are compatible with all regular systems on the market (Single Tap & Dual Tap, US Box).