Are your fins compatible with all fin-systems on the market?


Our fins are compatible with almost all fin-systems on the market right now. Since we use the FCS I plugs on our fins, you can use them on your FCS I system, but also on your FCS II. If you want no gaps in your plugs on the FCS II, you can buy a filler kit (e.g.:, what will be soon available on our site as well. Our FCS I system fins are also compatible with the F.O.C. “Freedom of Choice” multi-fin system by lib-tech.

Our Single tab fins are compatible with all Futures fin boxes.

All our Single fins are compatible with the common US-Box.


Does the woodcore suck up water over time?


No it does not, since all our fins are covered by a thin layer of epoxy resin and fiberglass, which is strengthened where the screws hold the fins. This is necessary to ensure a long life and protection from salt water.


Is it stable enough?


Yes it is. The main part of the woodcore is made from bamboo, which is a very strong sort of wood and gives a lot of stability. It is often called the “steel of nature”, since it has technical characteristics alike to normal steel. We spent quite some time in the lab and compared our wooden fins to the fins on the market - as stable as any other fin.


Will all fins look the same?

No they will not. Since wood is a natural grown resource, it always looks a little different and so do our fins.

Frequently Asked Questions