Thruster | Fin

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Information: Delivery for FCS will be at the beginning of June!

    • Natural and pristine design
    • Full wooden core
    • Lighter than regular fins


    Our Thruster set is an all-rounder setup, suitable for most conditions. The template provides a good balance of hold, drive and maneuverability.

    • Material

      Our Fins have been designed with both maximal performance and minimal environmental impact in mind. The patented 3-layer bamboo panel is CNC milled to the fins´ shape. A traditional glassing from fibreglass and epoxy resin is needed to ensure water resistance, it also prevents the set screws from damaging the wooden core.

    • Fin specs:

      SIDE                         CENTER

      Base: 4.37 "              Base: 4.37 "

      Depth: 4.65 "            Depth: 4.65 "

      Area: 15.67 "2 .        Area: 15.67 "2

      Foil: Flat                    Foil: 50/50


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